The path to healing
is better traveled with a guide.

About The Holistic PRACTITIONER

David Gallaher has been a long time practitioner of internal martial arts and natural healing and began his holistic journey at Dr. Christopher's School of Natural Healing. As provider of one of SWFL's first yoga therapy programs in the 1990's, David Gallaher has proven not only his passion for health and fitness, but also his knowledge of it.

Adding to his list of expertise, David Gallaher provides full service Ayurvedic practices to help you understand your bodies natural state (dosha), how to recognize the signs of imbalance, and how to work with your dosha to maximize your health.

More on David Gallahers Background: He has taken courses under Christopher Hobbs for an even deeper understanding of botany, herbalism, and mind-body health. Moving on to receive education from Michael Tierra, an acupuncture herbal specialist and author. He has also received a college degree from the Ayurveda Institute as well as having been trained privately by many of his Chinese masters in the art of Chinese herbal medicine and the theory of acupuncture and meridians. This has given him a solid understanding of energy work not found in most ayruveda practitioners.

Dr. David Gallaher

David Gallaher is your guide to a healthier, stronger and more vibrant YOU.