Getting Started

Initial Consultation & Evaluation

In order to find out what is ailing you, we will examine your whole life. Taking a look extensively at your personal and health history as well as your daily diet, stress levels, working conditions, exercise routine, relationships and mental health. 

A consultation and initial treatment is $150, for a total appointment time of 75 minutes. The consultation will take anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes, depending on your case. The remaining time will be used for your initial treatment, which will be decided upon as a result of the consultation. This price does not include the cost of any herbs, oils, etc. that may be assigned as part of your treatment. All follow-up treatments will be separate. 

The cost of a 60 minute consultation only appointment will be $100.

During the evaluation we will be checking the tongue for deficiencies of the body, taking a manual and veda pulse, evaluating the eyes, skin, hair, and even the tone of voice. This, along with your symptoms list and personal history will be used to gain a full picture of your health.

After the evaluation we will recommend one or more of the following treatments to get you in peak form.